NEWS Experience our beautiful courtyard with a refreshing beverage! #relaxtime #summer
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A place where
everyone can relax and
unwind with friends.

NEWS Enjoy your summer with a refreshing beverage in our relaxing courtyard!

Established 1992


Our neighborhood bar is the perfect place to unwind and connect with friends. With its laid-back atmosphere and friendly staff, everyone is welcome to experience the warm camaraderie that fills the air. From locals to visitors, our bar embraces diversity and fosters a sense of belonging. Whether you're seeking a refreshing drink, or delightful conversations, our inclusive space offers a haven where memories are made and new friendships are formed. Join us and discover why our neighborhood bar is a must-visit destination.

Red Bocks
Blonde Ale
Robust Porter
German Helles

The Music is Here


Get ready to experience the ultimate video music bar in North Florida - Park Place! Located in the vibrant Historic Riverside, we boast an enormous outdoor patio equipped with 3 supersized TVs perfectly synced to the electrifying music videos. And that's not all! Step inside and immerse yourself in the immersive experience with 13 screens to watch your favorite music or sport videos.

But the fun doesn't end there! Join us every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday for our mind-blowing music video playlist. And on other days, simply grab your phone, download our Touchtunes Jukebox app, and get ready to control the tunes or just kick back, relax, and soak up the amazing atmosphere. Park Place is your go-to destination for unforgettable nights filled with music, friends, and endless fun!

Beers on Tap

A Variety to Choose From

Welcome to our bar website, where we take pride in offering a diverse selection of beers on tap. Discover the refreshing allure of our carefully crafted locally brewed ale, bringing together the finest hops and malt to create a balanced and flavorful experience. You'll also find popular beers like Yuengling, satisfying your cravings for a well-established beloved brew. Our knowledgeable staff is ready to guide you through our tap list, ensuring you find the perfect beer for your preferences. Join us in celebrating the artistry and passion behind every pour as you explore a range of flavors, colors, and aromas. Cheers to a memorable beer-drinking experience!

We Love Our Customers


Alec , the bartender is amazing. Love this guy’s energy. Every time I come in, he’s on it. Thank you for your service.
Richard Florida Grown
Richard Florida Grown
This was the first bar that I ever went to in my entire life in the year 2005. I have had a lot of awesome memories there! <3
Tiffani “Titi”
Tiffani “Titi”
After the incident with the Bouncer Todd (who initiated “the gun joke”), we were very turned off and disappointed with Park Place. But all was not loss that night, bartender Ronnie was very apologetic; apologizing for something he had no parts of, “I love Mr. Ronnie”. Bob the bartender not so nice. The next day I spoke with the Manager Ms. Patty in person, again she was very apologetic, and she wasn’t even there; “Yep, love Ms. Patty too”. After a little over week, I had a chance to sit down with the owner Lori, I explained the events of that night, we had an in-depth conversation. Lori was understanding, apologetic and made it very clear all our welcomed at Park Place. Todd will not be returning as an employee to Park Place and I’m satisfied with the outcome of the situation.
Kyle is the best bartender ever. I literally wake up everyday to come see him and when I do come drink and he’s my bartender I literally sit and have conversations with him while drinking and somehow spend like 80 dollars just because I’m such in a happy place and I don’t realize but it’s so worth it. When you come ask for Kyle he will literally make you feel like you’re drinking at home with buddies . Thank you Kyle never change who u are me and my boyfriend love you .
Astro Zoe
Astro Zoe
I love this bar, I’m basically a regular at this point Kyle is my favorite bartender he’s super hot too ❀️
Nathaniel Tolbert
Nathaniel Tolbert
Kyle was the best bartender I will have ..... he will forever be my favorite bartender forever πŸ’˜
Armando Jimenez
Armando Jimenez
Very nice people stuff every one you must go one day Thanks

Stay Tuned


At Park Place Lounge, we deeply value the impact of charities. We proudly support a variety of organizations, and we encourage you to visit this page to stay informed about our activities with these wonderful causes.

Coming Soon

β€œHelping one person might not change the whole world, but it could change the world for one person.”


– Ray Ray’s Kids
– PFLAG Jacksonville
– Amber House
– Christmas Day sandwiches and other needed items for the homeless
– RIOT (Riverside Invitational October Tournament) bowlers
– Drive for our local teachers for school supplies
– American Cancer Society
– Veterans
– North Florida Special Education

Coming Soon